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For many years Helderberg High School made use of Helderberg College's buildings for all it's needs; from classrooms to dormitories. Mr Stanley Mason played a large role in the planning and fundraising for our own campus.

After several years and much work we finally broke ground in 2001. Phase 1 has 10 large Classrooms, our Computer Lab and the Staff Room. We moved into Phase 1 at the beginning of 2002.

During 2002 we commenced with the building of Phase 2 which consists of the Reception Area, Principal's Office, Board Room, School Foyer, Silverleaf Chapel and four small classrooms.

Our 3rd Phase was built in 2003 and houses our Science and Biology Laboratories, the Technology Workroom as well as our Science Library.

During 2004 we turned our attention to our sports field. Our PTA as taken on the task of fundraising to complete it.

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