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Financial Information

All charges listed are subject to change without notice, if found necessary by the School Board.

1. Application Fee

Each new application for admission must include a non-refundable application fee of R500.00 for
South African Learners and R700.00 for Foreign Learners. Applications close on 31 October.
A late application fee will be charged after 31 October

2. Registration Deposit

A registration deposit of R1 000,00 for South African Learners and R1 500,00 for Foreign Learners
will be payable upon acceptance of a learner and will be refunded should a learner matriculate at
this school.

3. Tuition Fees

ALL FEES ARE PAYABLE IN ADVANCE. The first payment is due on or before the first day of school
and can be paid in December. The second payment is due at the end of January; the third payment
is due at the end of February, etc. Tuition fees DO NOT include special Afrikaans classes, school
uniform, textbooks or stationery. Please refer to our home page for financial information.

4. Discount

  • 4.1 Discount is allowed on quarterly, half-yearly and yearly advance payments.
  • 4.2 Discount is allowed should there be more than one child in a family attending the High School.

5. Subsidy for Seventh-Day Adventists

Parents who are members of the Seventh-Day Adventist church administrated by the Southern Africa Union, qualify for an SDA discount.

6. Bus Fees

Bus tickets, to and from school, on the approved route (Somerset West area), are available
from the High School office. Tickets are payable cash in advance.


1. Tuition fees are payable to Helderberg High School. Please note that Helderberg High School does
not have a boarding facility – should you be interested in boarding facilities, you will need to
contact Helderberg College directly @ 021-850 7500. Boarding fees are payable directly to them.
2. Tuition Fees can be paid made monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually in advance. Statements
are sent out monthly. Interest is charged on overdue accounts.
3. Please notify the School of any change of address.
4. Should the School incur any costs in the collection of fees or related charges due to the school, the
parent/s or guardian/s responsible for the payment of fees shall pay all costs incurred in the collection
of fees and charges, including legal costs of an attorney.
5. The headmaster or acting headmaster shall have the right to refuse a scholar/s to return to the
school in circumstances where fees have not been paid. Reports will be withheld for the same
6. Tuition Fees for Foreign learners are payable annually in advance before a Letter of Acceptance can
be issued for application of a study visa. 
7. Fees may be paid by stop order, bank deposit, electronic transfer or directly to the school. Copies of
all stop orders or bank deposit slips must be faxed to the school.

8. School fees are payable to:

Helderberg High School 
Banking details :
Nedbank Somerset West
Branch code: 106012 
Acc no : 1060 119 323
Swift address : NEDSZAJJ


One calendar month’s notice is required when a learner is withdrawn from the school. Failing this,
the regular fee for the ensuing period will be charged. Credit balances are refunded within 30 days
after withdrawal.


1. Damage or Breakages
A learner is responsible for any breakages for damages which he/she causes.
2. Personal Effects
Parents should ensure that learners' personal effects are covered by insurance. The school does not
accept responsibility for loss or damage due to any cause.

Helderberg High School 
Banking details :
Nedbank Somerset West
Branch code: 106012 
Acc no : 1060 119 323
Swift address : NEDSZAJJ

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